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About the trip

The tour starts shortly after the border from Germany, in beautiful Southern Jutland on August 4, in the afternoon and continues up the Danish west coast, through Silkeborg, before finally ending in Kolding on

August 9, at midday.

The first meeting the Sunday the. 4. August, we will at 19.00 have the time to handle out a Roadbook for the hole week, with details about the single points of interest you can choose between. The program is a variated after beautiful sights, good museums, old historical places and of cause Car museums and new technical info centers.

We've have tried to put together an exciting itinerary with sights and accommodations for you to explore along the way. You have the option to book your one accommodation at the proposed hotels until May 31. After that time, we will still try to help you out but until May 31 we have about 20 overnights double rooms available. So please call the hotels and ask for booking “Saab Pre-Tour”.

If you prefer to stay on a campsite in your tent, we have named the campsites close to the overnight’s hotels.

Every evening at 19.00 there will be information meetings close to the hotels, where we all will joint and explain the next day's route will in detail. At the same time any questions about minor car repairs will be solved.

Some of the sights you will have to pay a minor fee, some are free or arrange by the Saab-Pre-tour.


Registration and hotel booking

Registration is done to HC-Thing, via e-mail on or

via mobile on +45 25980079. 

Participation in the Saab Pre-tour costs 25 euros per participant. Payment for participation must be made to Reg. No. 9070, Account No. 1638479792, no later than May 31. Please remember full name.

Hotel reservation you must do directly at the hotel – deadline for booking 31 May.

If You want to stay on a Campsite, do your booking direct to campsite, and lets us know where.


We look forward to seeing you for a wonderful trip around the Danish countryside.

Pretour2024 Hotel & camping info
Download PDF • 152KB
Download PDF • 199KB

Best Saab regards,

HC Thing

On behalf of Club SaabAsyl


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